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2.4mR Boote heiß begehrt

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In Deutschland ist die Nachfrage nach 2.4mR Booten z.Z. riesengroß.

Hier bietet sich eine Chance zu Kaufgesuchen oder Verkaufsangeboten!

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Presently the following boats for sale from Hasse Malmsten

mail to

ph +46 763206153.



<a href=" Link entfernt " target="_blank" rel="noopener">NOR95 Norlin Mk III. Presentation enclosed. Price: 3250 € from my workshop.


<a href=" Link entfernt " target="_blank" rel="noopener">NOR 145 Norlin Mk III. Presentation enclosed. Price not set by the owner but it's a 2020 Charger so I would expect it to be around 8000 € from my workshop.


<a href=" Link entfernt " target="_blank" rel="noopener">SWE284 Norlin Mk III. Early Bjorndahl Norlin. Has been restored/repainted by the present owner. Price 3250 € from my workshop.


<a href=" Link entfernt " target="_blank" rel="noopener">SWE181 The Mothership, the boat that the first set of moulds for the Norlin Mk III was taken off from. Built by me in cold moulded wood and therefore a very stiff and sound structure. It has been through a total reconstruction and is better than new. My plan is to sail her till I get the next boat up and running but as always I'm open for offers.

Price: 8000 € from my workshop.


<a href=" Link entfernt " target="_blank" rel="noopener">SWE237 Norlin Mk III undergoing total reconstruction. It has been widened to 850 mm and will get a full depth keel/maximized RM. Price: Depending on what stage of finish it will be delivered. Can be delivered as hull and deck ready for fitting out as well as complete ready to sail boat.


<a href=" Link entfernt " target="_blank" rel="noopener">SWE447 Norlin Mk III 2005 with 4 sets of sails. Price 4750 € from Gävle.


An attractive alternative is also the Stradivari Mk 1, which, despite being built in only a few copies, has won the World Cup title (2012) and is often found among the top 3 on the continent. Only a week ago, the Dutch championship was won by a Stradivari Mk 1. It is more dinghy/lively in its feel and demands more from its helmsman, but once you get to know it, it is sharp. There are some that can become available to the right buyer.

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